If we were having coffee…

I came across this in WordPress’s learning guide and thought this is so fitting during this pandemic. I miss my Starbucks run where I could sit and enjoy a nice, cup of venti, dirty chai w/soy milk or even just a really nice cup of Dunkin. It’s the little things that I miss. But I decided to take a stab at it – so, if we were having coffee….

I’d tell you I’ve been thinking about my son and how he must be so overwhelmed having somewhat of no structure in his day-to-day. My son has autism and I’ve had a hard time explaining, he’s having an even harder time understanding why we are all at home, I’ve tried to do the things I normally do had he been going to his day program, his breakfast is left out from the night before, his clothes selected, his book bag and lunch box are packed for the next day. This is our daily rituals, our way of life. But, I also think about my daughter and I; we are coffee drinkers. I also miss our routine; I miss driving her to grab coffee before taking her to the commuter rail station, I miss telling her to have a good day, and to be careful (but I guess we do that now), The point is, these are small things that has become second nature for us. They may be minute, but those were things I did every morning, as bad as the drive was I miss being in my car and singing out loud… Were we having coffee, I would ask you which of your daily routines do you miss, so tell me, don’t be shy!.

Photo by Chevanon Photography on Pexels.com

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