Cuisinart Bread Maker

Guys, what is the one thing you received as a gift that you are obsessed with? For me it’s this Cuisinart Bread Maker. I have tried making keto versions of bread in the oven and while they came out okay, I was still missing that bread-like texture and taste. Let me tell you about this bread maker – if you love making homemade bread this is the machine to have, it is compact (silver and black goes well with my kitchen design). There is no work to be done other than adding the ingredients to the pan, this machine is fully automated, it not only kneads, but also rise and bake your bread. There are three crust shades: light, medium or dark and bakes a 1-lb., 1 1/2-lb. or 2-lb. loaf. There is also 12 preprogrammed menu options: White, French, Whole Wheat, Ultra-Fast, Sweet, Gluten-Free, Artisan Dough, Dough, Jam, Packaged Mix, Cake, Bake-Only.

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This is 50!!!


I took a little break to celebrate my 50th, what should have been a week somehow tuned into months, but here I am. It’s another 365 days of existence and I’m thankful to the most high above for the grace to be alive. God I trust you. I trust your design. You’re the greatest architect.

I woke up on my 50th looking like a “Queen-ager”, grateful. With my family, grateful. Grateful for all my blessings, those seen, those unseen, and those given to others in need. I originally had scheduled time off as my family and I would have been celebrating in Italy, but 2020 had other plans. No worries..nothing before it’s time. Still grateful!

Can’t wait to see where this new journey leads…And hopeful that traveling will be a thing again in 2021!

Hollywood mourns the death of ‘Black Panther’ Chadwick Boseman

It’s been two days since he ascended and the pain still present, like so many others I was absolutely stunned. No, I did not know him personally but I cried because it felt like family. But more than that, I grieve because he was a black superhero who’s role as the Black Panther inspired dreams and goals of many children, I grieve because his death triggered grief from previous losses of family and friends. I grieve because his death made me afraid of death.

He was a man who possessed great strengths and rose above all the challenges he faced. It was revealed that he was battling stage III colon cancer since 2016 which progressed to stage IV, no-one knew; no-one but his core circle. Chadwick Boseman was a great actor who portrayed icons such as Jackie Robinson, Thurgood Marshall, and James Brown. Despite his illness, he went to make movies after movies; in a statement by his family they mentioned ” he was a true fighter, who made movies we loved through countless surgeries and chemotherapy”. I have not seen a picture online where he was never smiling, despite knowing he may not make it, he kept living his live to the fullest.

I live my life free of judgments, I try to always be kind to everyone I meet and greet them with a smile. Why? – because you never know what that person is going through. The internet can be cruel at times. I think if I’ve learned anything from his death is that I must continue living a decent life, one to the fullest, and one with integrity. Be kind, show compassion, and live your lives to the fullest each day.

“Death is not the end”, Rest in power Chadwick (“King T’Challa”), you will be missed, thank you for the legacy you left behind. Wakanda Forever!

If we were having coffee…

I came across this in WordPress’s learning guide and thought this is so fitting during this pandemic. I miss my Starbucks run where I could sit and enjoy a nice, cup of venti, dirty chai w/soy milk or even just a really nice cup of Dunkin. It’s the little things that I miss. But I decided to take a stab at it – so, if we were having coffee….

I’d tell you I’ve been thinking about my son and how he must be so overwhelmed having somewhat of no structure in his day-to-day. My son has autism and I’ve had a hard time explaining, he’s having an even harder time understanding why we are all at home, I’ve tried to do the things I normally do had he been going to his day program, his breakfast is left out from the night before, his clothes selected, his book bag and lunch box are packed for the next day. This is our daily rituals, our way of life. But, I also think about my daughter and I; we are coffee drinkers. I also miss our routine; I miss driving her to grab coffee before taking her to the commuter rail station, I miss telling her to have a good day, and to be careful (but I guess we do that now), The point is, these are small things that has become second nature for us. They may be minute, but those were things I did every morning, as bad as the drive was I miss being in my car and singing out loud… Were we having coffee, I would ask you which of your daily routines do you miss, so tell me, don’t be shy!.

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Losing Track of the Days

Is it just me, or is anyone else experiencing a loss of days? Being home due to the pandemic has been messing with me mentally. What are some ways that you guys are staying sane? I’m feeling a lot more anxious than norm and the unknown is scary. It’s still hard to believe that I’ve been working from home since March with no clear official start date in sight. This morning I woke up and gave thanks for a new day like I normally do. But I did something I haven’t done in a while; I did some exercise. I have to admit my heart start racing a little and it felt like the first time I went running.

We all need to realize this pandemic is serious, but despite the craziness I will try to do the following daily –

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