Keto Blueberry Jam Cinnamon Rolls

This is by far the best batch of cinnamon rolls I’ve made. These are gone within a day in my house, it’s hard to believe they are Keto. A lot of “ketonians” yes I made that up, use fathead dough to make pastries, cinnamon rolls etc. but I decided to use CarbQuik Low Carb Flour.… Continue reading →

Well Hello There!

 Blue Chia Pudding topped w/Blueberries and Almonds

When it’s just way too hot to eat anything else why not have some Chia Pudding. You can do so many cute designs, just use your imagination. I prefer leaving overnight so it fully settles, what you get is a pudding texture, and an even better taste. 

This can be breakfast or a snack, one thing I do know is that this super-food will leave you feeling satisfied!⁣⁠

Continue Reading

Keto Granola Bar

The one thing I missed when I started this journey was a good tasting granola bar, I enjoy experimenting on recipes and think I found the perfect one. I eat these on-the-go granola bars (well it’s stay at home now during this pandemic) or chopped and added granola to a bowl of Two Good yogurt.… Continue reading →

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